Fire Department

Shannon Davis

Edward Clayton


Assistant Fire Marshal


Fire Station 1

611 Avenue A (Downtown)

(903) 729-7100

Fire Station 2

107 7th Street (Westwood)

(903) 723-0192

Fire Station 3

501 Benbrook Dr. (Behind Palestine HS)

(903) 723-5916

Fire Station 4 (Admin Building)

2201 W. Spring Street

(903) 731-1524

Fire Department

Palestine Fire Department is manned through three stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by 36 trained fire personnel divided into three crews; A, B, and C who work a 24-hours on and 48-hours off schedule.

Each of the three stations is home to a primary pumper engine carrying water, fire suppression hoses and tools, hydraulic extrication tools, and emergency medical equipment.  Station 1 (downtown) also houses Grass 1, for fighting brush/grass fires and as a support truck; Ladder 1, a ladder truck with a mounted ladder capable of extending 75 feet for high angle rescue and/or fire suppression. Specialized tools such as rescue jacks, a K12 saw (Engine 3) and ropes/high angle rescue hardware (Engine 1) are also implemented.


The mission of the Palestine Fire Department is to save lives and protect the property of citizens in and around the city of Palestine through fire protection efforts and general education of the public.  Suppression, inspection, investigations, and answering complaints for the prevention and correction of fire hazards are included in this program.


The Palestine Fire Department is dedicated to being the best community-focused Fire and Rescue Department that will adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the community through professional development, unity, and teamwork and also improve the quality of life for all citizens.


  • Fire Suppression
  • Swift Water and Dive Rescue Operations
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Haz-Mat Response and Mitigation
  • Basic Life Support
  • High angle and below-grade rescue operations


  • Fire Prevention
  • Public Education Events
  • Community Events


The Palestine Fire Marshal's Office consists of a Fire Marshal and an Assistant Fire Marshal.  Fire Marshal duties include: