Health Services

Janet Migliaccio

Health Services

504 N Queen St.
Palestine, TX 75803

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Health Services

The Health and Sanitation Ordinance allows the city to inspect and maintain areas for the general public.

The Health Inspector is responsible for the following:

  • Inspecting all food service establishments to assure residents and visitors are consuming safe food.
  • Providing educational services to assist food service managers and ensuring that all workers are conducting safe food handling practices.
  • Reviewing plans for new food service establishments and public swimming pools and spas.
  • Inspecting and permitting public swimming pools and spas
  • Mosquito Services.
  • Smoking Ordinance Enforcement.


Health Department Services

Food Services

See complete information on the Food Services page.

Mosquito Spraying

The City of Palestine contracts with Vector Disease Control to spray for mosquitoes during the spring and summer. More information on mosquito spraying may be found on our mosquito spraying page, or by clicking here.

Pool & Spa Inspections

Any swimming pool or spa that is available to the general public has to obtain a permit to ensure state and federal health regulations are being maintained. For more information on the permit, click on our Pools and Spas page.

Smoking Ordinance

The Health Division also enforces the city's smoking ordinance. For more information, click on the smoking enforcement page.