Food Services

Janet Migliaccio

Health Services

201 E. Coronaca St.
Palestine, TX 75803

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Temporary Food Locations


Temporary Food Locations
Applications and fees must be submitted at the City Of Palestine located at 504 N. Queen St. Palestine Texas, 75801

Applications and fees must be submitted no later than three complete working days (72 hours) prior to the event. No person shall operate a food establishment without a valid permit issued by the City Of Palestine. Temporary permits are issued in conjunction with a special event or a celebration or a recognized holiday. Each individual booth owner/operator must submit their own application.

No food from home will be allowed in a temporary food establishment
All temporary food establishments shall have at least one person on site that has an accredited food handler certification

Food Handling
Food handlers must wear effective hair restraints during food operations and when inside the booth.
Food handlers must remove all jewelry including; rings and watches or any other items not necessary to the food operation
Food handlers must not eat, drink, chew gum or use tobacco while in the booth or while conducting food operations
Food handlers must maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness, to include frequent hand washing (hands and arms): at every change of operation, before different foods, after using the restroom and before putting gloves on.
Only authorized personnel are allowed in the booth and food service area

Food and Food Preparation
Food is not to be prepared or stored in a home or in an unauthorized location.
Time/Temperature control food safety (TCS) must be maintained at an internal temperature of 41 F. or below when cold or 135 F or above when hot. Food items are to be prepared as close to the time of the event as possible.
All food items must be from an approved source. Receipts will be checked.
Food with limited preparation (i.e. hot dogs, pre-packaged frozen hamburgers patties, nachos, bratwurst, frying of tortillas/ gordita shells/churros) and pre-washed ready-to-eat vegetables may be prepared in the booth.
Ice used for consumption must be obtained in chipped, crushed, or cubed form and stored in plastic bags filled and sealed at the point of manufacture. The ice shall be stored in these bags until properly dispensed.

Equipment must be located and used in a manner that prevents food contamination.
Cooking Equipment–Propane gas or electric units only, i.e. grills with lids, stoves and hot burners.
Hot Holding Equipment–Propane gas or electric units only, i.e. grills with lids, electric chafing dishes, burners, hot plates, and crockpots. NOTE: Steno chafing dishes are allowed inside buildings.