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What is the process involved with mosquito spraying?

Truck-mounted mosquito spraying units disperse a chemical in the form of fog that settles and kills certain types of mosquitoes. The fog is created by a truck-mounted fogger, moving at a slow speed down a public street. Ideal wind conditions suggest air currents from 2 to 8 mph.

What chemicals are used?
There are a variety of products available on the market for controlling mosquitoes. The City of Palestine is combating the mosquito population using adulticides, a category of pesticides used in fogging and spraying to control the adult mosquito population. The specific chemical used in the City of Palestine is Aqua-Reslin, a type of adulticide. Aqua-Reslin is a water-based chemical that compared to an oil-based chemical, does not evaporate as fast.

What factors are used to identify priority areas for spraying?
Ultimately, all areas of the city that are accessible on a public street will be covered by mosquito spraying at least once while mosquitoes are active. When mosquitoes are active, the following areas will be treated first including:
Public school grounds.
Areas around nursing homes, hospitals, and medical clinics.
Public parks and recreational areas.
Areas where standing water is prevalent that are near one of the areas stated above and residential areas.

My location was scheduled to be sprayed but was delayed. What caused the delay?
Weather conditions will affect the effectiveness of the chemicals. Wind speeds more than 8 mph or a previous rain or upcoming rain will delay the spraying. We like to see a clear forecast two days prior and 4 to 5 days after scheduled spraying.

What is the frequency of spraying during the mosquito season?
We try to have at least two trucks spraying certain areas of the city at least every two weeks. The company that has been hired to spray has a minimum of 10 miles per spraying.

Who does the city use for mosquito spraying?
The city has contracted with Vector Disease Control International to spray for mosquitoes.

Where can I get information on the type of chemicals used for spraying and ways that I can help control the mosquito population?
Here are some links on the type of chemicals used for mosquito spraying

National Pesticide Information Center U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Information on Aqua-Reslin


What can I do to help control the mosquito population?
The best control residents can do to control the mosquito population is to eliminate pools of standing water. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Other steps for controlling the mosquito population include:
Wear long clothing.
Apply an insect repellant with DEET.
Empty and dry out unscreened containers every 7 days.
Keep water clear of weeds.
Dispose of all articles that may hold water such as aluminum cans, tin boxes, and empty bottles.
Drain ditches, pools, ponds, excavations, holes, depressions and marshes

Where can I find information on the West Nile and Zika virus?
The Centers for Disease Control has a comprehensive list of information on both mosquito-borne viruses.

West Nile virus Zika virus


What are the symptoms of West Nile and the Zika virus?
Both viruses have similar symptoms, including rash, fever, body aches and chills. Those infected with Zika can also have conjunctivitis or pink eye. Those who are pregnant or may become pregnant should see a health care professional if experiencing these symptoms as Zika has shown to increase a newborn’s risk of contracting birth defects, like Gilluain-Barre syndrome.

Mosquito Spraying Map
To better cover, the entire city, the City of Palestine divides the city into six areas for mosquito spraying.


Area 1 Area 4
Area 2 Area 5
Area 3 Area 6