Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Palestine Police Department hiring?
For up to date job openings, check out the City of Palestine Employment page HERE or you can get more information about becoming a Palestine PD officer by going to our webpage HERE.

Who do I contact to get information about someone being held at the jail?
All jail-related questions should be directed to the Sherrif's office at 903-729-6068.

How do I get information on a TDCJ inmate?
Information can be found by going HERE.

Who do I call for an open records request?
Open records requests begin with the city secretary, Teresa Herrera. You may contact her at 903-731-8414 or by email at

Can I hire an off duty police officer as security?
Yes. Contact Sgt Jenkins at 903-727-9131 or email him at for more information.

I would like to host a parade in Palestine. Who do I need to contact?
You may call the Chief of Police Administrative Assistant Donna Thornell at 903-731-8436 or by email at
Please have the following details before calling the department.
►What is the purpose of the parade?
►When and what time is it planned?
►What is the proposed route?

I have new bears I would like to donate. Who do I contact?
You may contact our community liaison, Michele Herbert, at 903-731-8418 or by email at