Officer Blue

Blue is a real success story. She was found as part of a litter that was found malnourished and on the brink death. Fortunately, she was nursed back to health by the Longview animal shelter. Blue was tested to see if she qualified to be a police dog, and succeeded. Blue joined the Palestine Police Department in 2015.

Mission of the K-9 Unit

It is the mission of the K-9 Unit to preserve life & protect property ensuring the citizens of Palestine enjoy a great quality of life through a peaceful existence.

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of proficiency in the training and performance of our K9 partner, Blue, so, when duty calls, our K9 team is willing and ready to assist our Police Officers as well as other police agencies.


Lt Matthew Kerr


The K9 Team assists other Police Officers by serving as locating tools.  The K9's superior olfactory abilities allow her to track a running suspect, find a hiding suspect, and apprehend a dangerous suspect.  The K9 Team greatly enhances the overall abilities of police officers and reduce the risk of officer injuries when dealing with violent individuals.  Blue is trained to detect the odors of several different types of illegal drugs.  She is also trained to detect human scent and is capable of tracking a running suspect over great distances and varying terrain including grass, gravel, dirt, and pavement. She is capable of finding discarded objects of evidentiary value in large open areas such as guns, knives, shell casings, clothing, etc.  Blue is also trained to find suspects hiding in buildings by searching the building in a directed and methodical pattern. She can locate a subject hiding in a room simply by sniffing under the door.  She will apprehend a dangerous person by engaging and holding onto him until he can be safely handcuffed.