Interactive Area Maps

How to Use Interactive City Maps

After clicking on one of map buttons above, the map will load as shown below.

Use the mouse scroll button to zoom in or out. When zooming in, different layers will appear such as building footprints, addresses, zoning districts and property lines.

Map with no layers
Zoning Map with no layers


Map with layers



At the top right-hand side of the map, you will see these four icons, which enable you to view the legend, turn map layers on and off, take measurements, or change the base map.

Zoning Map Icons

To view the property ownership and other details, such as zoning/historic district, zoom in to click on an individual parcel. 

A box will appear showing the property owner of the parcel selected. 

To view additional information such as zoning and historic district information, click on the right arrow to view the next page.