Open Government - Civil Accountability and Financial Transparency

Accountability and financial transparency are the foundation of a well managed and open government. The Palestine City Council and the City of Palestine staff make government transparency a top priority.

City Charter and Ordinances

The City Charter, created by the citizens of Palestine for its municipal government, is the first chapter in the City of Palestine Code of Ordinances. The following chapters contain the city's municipal and zoning codes.


The Mayor of Palestine is elected every two years and is the president of the city council. The current Mayor of Palestine is Dana Goolsby.  Mayor Goolsby can be reached at  

City Council

The Palestine City Council serves the residents of Palestine through six representative districts. Each elected council member serves for a two-year term. More information, including contact information for council members, can be found on the City Council page.

Council Meetings

The City Secretary records and maintains agendas and minutes from City Council meetings. An indexed list of agendas and minutes can be found at the city's meetings page. To speak at a City Council meeting, a form needs to be filled out.

Department Listings

All the city departments can be accessed from the Departments page. Each Department page contains contact information for Department personnel.

Employee contact information can be found in the City Directory.

News Releases

Recent news releases are located on the News page.

Open Records

To send in an open records request in accordance with the Texas Open Records Act, fill out this form. Information on the Texas Public Information Act can be found here in English, and in Español.

Health Inspections

Twice a year, the City of Palestine inspects restaurants and food establishments on state food handling and health regulations. Health services also inspect pools meant for public use. To find information on food and pool inspections, visit the Health Inspector's Page, here.

Financial Data

Below are resources to financial data and online resources that provide information on how city tax dollars are budgeted, spent, and invested. We endeavor to make both the information and the way it is presented, as clear and informative as possible. 

The City of Palestine's Finance Department publishes financial information for public inspection, including: 

Tax Information

Property Tax

A tax rate of $0.692642 per $100 valuation is the property tax rate for the City of Palestine. Revenue from property taxes funds general fund, operating expenses and debt service. 

For more information on City of Palestine property taxes, click on the Finance Department's page. For more information about property taxes in Anderson County, visit the Anderson County Tax Assessor Collector's page, or the Anderson County Appraisal District's page. Also, the Texas Comptroller has information on its Truth in Taxation Page.

Sales Tax

The Sales Tax Rate of 8.25% is made up of 6.25% State of Texas, 0.50% Anderson County and 1.50% City of Palestine. The 1.50% is made up of 1.125% to General Fund, 0.125% to Dedicated Street Repair and Maintenance and 0.250% to Economic Development. 

Information on Sales Tax collections can be found on this site.

Hotel Occupancy Tax

The Sales Tax Rate of 13.00% is made up of 6.00% State of Texas and 7.00% City of Palestine. 
Information on Hotel Occupancy Sales Tax as of Fiscal Year-end can be found at these links:


Information on purchasing requirements and projects can be found at the City's Purchasing Page


A detailed debt payment summary can be found on our debt page.

Texas Transparency

Information on the State of Texas' Transparency Program, created by the state Comptroller, can be found here.

Unclaimed Property

Information on unclaimed property in the City of Palestine can be found on the state of Texas' website, Texas Unclaimed Property.